Oct 2, 2012

Soft Cloud in hands for every oneself - SelfCloud 2.0

New cloud system and applications are arrived for Android and PC.

- Fantastic Idea: Self Clouding
People are known that all the cloud systems have their cloud server, data center, and the clients are synchronized and downloading any contents they want.
But what do you think if there is no data center and the contents are delivered from the client devices to the other client directly?

There are many cloud services such as Dropbox,, iCloud, SkyDrive and etc. These systems are all the On-Server-Centralized ones, all the contents of their users must be uploaded onto the data centers and the clients will download any contents the users want to see on the client devices.
Some people don’t want to upload their private or personal contents on the other servers, but also want to see on any devices in their hands.

Self Clouding is to enjoy the real personal cloud without any 3rd party server and every user's device will be the data center and also client.

You don't need to upload your private or personal contents on the outer server. When you create a file on your device, it will be shared and delivered from your device to the other users(your friends intended to share).
SelfCloud server will only redirect the target devices onto the source devices, so no one can look at your personal contents in principle.

This is the new idea of SelfCloud, that is just the soft clouding.
There is no need to have any particular hardware for the data center.

SelfCloud will perfect for family members, lovers, journalists and business usages with securities.

- Easy sharing the private contents to your friends or family
How do you share your contents with the Dropbox to your friends? First, you have to deliver the sharing URL for the contents and next, you will contact your friends to have a look at that URL.

With SelfCloud, when you set a folder of contents to share tapping the Share icon and select your friends from the Friend list, the push notification for sharing will go to the target devices of your friends. So the target devices will get the several notification alarms in time you shared.

You don't need to get the sharing URL and contact your friend manually.
All the sharing sequences will go automatically instead of you.

- You are the owner of all your contents you create or you received from your friends
Once you have created contents or received contents shared from your friends, those contents will be your own. Even when your friends delete the contents shared to you, those deleted contents will remain in your lists and those are all in your control, not in the sharer's control.

- Full synchronizing with not only the contents but also the favorite setting and friends list
The normal cloud systems are all the synchronizing only the contents.
But the favorite settings and friends to share with you are also your effort and important information for you.
SelfCloud system is taking serious view on all of your information with security.

In one word, SelfCloud is Soft, Self and Security cloud system.
You try and enjoy. It's your turn.

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