Nov 2, 2011

What's and How: The SelfCloud Detail Overview

 What's SelfCloud 
    Have you ever used Dropbox or
    When you use those services, it means that your contents will be uploaded to the service.
    Differing from those services, SelfCloud is the personal cloud that lets you create and operate your own cloud server by yourself in your hands.
    Your personal contents are never uploaded to the 3rd party server which is operated by the providers like Dropbox or, they are stored your personal spaces only.
    So, you can have your contents in your hands anytime, you can synchronize it between your devices, or share with your friends.

 How does SelfCloud work? 
You can use useful functions of SelfCloud.

My Box: This is the cloud of your own.
In order to use this function, one of your phone or PC should work in server mode.
If you have your phone as server, it consumes wireless traffic and battery power; we recommend you will have your own PC as your SelfCloud server.
The contents in my box are synchronized between your devices. So, you will see the same files from your phone, iPad, and PC anytime, anywhere.

   Share Box : This is the cloud shared with your friends.
You can create your ShareBox, or your friend can do it.
If you are going to create shared cloud to your friend, you should run your server just like as MyBox. Your friends in your list can put the contents or delete them from/to ShareBox. The data in this box are synchronized with your friends automatically.
This will help you when you are going to share your information to a certain friends frequently.

           One2One : This is a way of sharing contents where you can indicate the send target user one by one.
Even you don’t have cloud server, you can send and receive your contents directly to your friends.
The list shows the contents by “From Me” and “To Me”, so that, you will feel free just like as you use the Instant Messenger or E-Mail.

My Friend: This is the functions with which you can register and maintain your friends.
You should add user here in order to give share or add him/her to the ShareBox.
Once you give share to your friends, you will be registered his/hers friend list automatically.
You can maintain your friends list by group.

We are looking forward your opinion. 

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